How Starburst helps Thales creating value – CTO Marko Erman

“Le Journal de l’Aviation: How do the principles of open innovation translate into aerospace research?   Marko Erman: In this sector it’s easy to create open innovation, with Technology Research Institutes (TRIs) or innovation centres, for example. With this type of stakeholders, it can be defined as multi-partner collaborative research. Depending on the subjects, we’re…

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Starburst Selection Committee hosted by The Aerospace Corporation

CNBC interview of Starburst & Leonie Hill Capital

Starburst announces its 200M$ venture fund

French newspaper Les Echos :

Starburst & SkyLights on French morning news Telematin

François Chopard explains Starburst Accelerator

(Video in French)

François Chopard comments Elon Musk Mars speech on Bloomberg West

Starburst CEO François Chopard is invited by Bloomberg West Emily Chang to comment Elon Musk Mars speech (Sept 27, 2016) along with Scott Hubbard from Stanford University

Singapore launch covered by the local main news channel

AviationWeek relays the launch of Starburst Venture


François Chopard on BFM TV’s Good Morning Business

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