Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLAST?

BLAST is an early-stage accelerator program focused on ASD technologies to boost mature research projects and pre-seed start-ups, in order to consolidate a pool of deep tech actors for future major aerospace and defense programs. The ambition is to consolidate a pool of deeptech players to prepare them for the upcoming major aerospace and defense programs of the future.

What is the main purpose of BLAST? 

The program has three main goals:
1. Support 20 deep tech projects in the A&D sector per year through "à la carte" training and coaching actions and special connections with the ASD sector
2. Participate in the structuring and gathering of the local ASD ecosystem in order to increase the number and resilience of deep tech projects in France
3. Promote the civil/military duality between the two sectors

What is the added value of BLAST to the current ecosystem?

BLAST differentiates itself from other programs in several ways:

- A unique program that offers training or support packages according to the needs of the project leaders.
- BLAST is only aimed at companies established in the ASD markets, or wishing to develop in them.
- The program is developed by a consortium in which each member offers modules corresponding to their field of expertise.
- Consortium members benefit from a powerful network within the industry.
- Public/private balance that combines the power of networks and agility.
- Thirteen-week acceleration boot camp unique in France.

Which entities are concerned by this support?

The project leaders supported by BLAST belong to two categories: Early-stage deep tech start-ups and/or individuals, in particular researchers or students, with an innovation project.

Are there any specific topics or themes?

Yes, the specific themes of BLAST are:

- Decarbonized aviation: electric, hybrid, and hydrogen engines
- New urban and regional air mobility platforms
- Autonomous sensors 
- Artificial intelligence
- Cybersecurity 
- Downstream and upstream space technologies

Are foreign companies admitted?

The program's scope is essentially national, without necessarily excluding foreign projects that would like to set up in France and create value for the local and national ecosystems.

How long does the program last?

Seven (7) to ten (10) months.

How much time should I invest in the program?

The time commitment will depend on the modules chosen. Globally, the only module that will require a quasi-permanent availability is the Boot Camp. The other modules can be done "on the fly" in your schedule.

What is the criteria for joining BLAST?

- The criteria for the projects selected will be:
- The innovative features of the proposed solution.
- The benefit of the solution to address the major issues of the aeronautics, space, and/or defense industries.
- The suitability of the team in charge of the project.
- The relevance of the BLAST program to the aeronautics, space, and/or defense industry.

What is the program cost for the startups?

The "value" of BLAST support is 110,000€ per supported company. The remuneration method of the program partners is in the acquisition of equity in the supported startups, approximately 5% of the capital.

Does BLAST provide funding support? 

Not directly, however, BLAST will prepare the project owners to raise funds, whether they are private or public, by structuring their company and their speech. This is the essence of the program.

Will the program be virtual or onsite?

Some modules will require a regular or even permanent physical presence on-site (BootCamp (Starburst premises) and ONERA in particular). Otherwise, most of the modules can be followed remotely. In addition, and in order to offer great flexibility to the partners, offices will be available at the IPHE in Palaiseau, on the Saclay plateau

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