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Partner with BLAST to become a key player in tomorrow’s ASD innovation.

BLAST's ambition is to be a bridge between the industrial world, startups and researchers. By bringing these players together, we want to create a true French ASD ecosystem, encourage open innovation and the crossing of technological cultures, and foster the emergence of new markets. Since 2012, Starburst has been a champion for early-stage entrepreneurs and the global aerospace & defense industry, offering technology scouting and accelerator programs backed by over 65 corporate and government partners based in 10 countries, providing growth support to the most promising companies with a portfolio of startups. Join BLAST to contribute to this brand new ecosystem, from which will emerge tomorrow’s major technological innovations!

BLAST’s  added value in 4 points

1. Complete immersion in the program alongside all the BLAST startups and researchers

  • Access to all the start-ups and researchers of the BLAST network 
  • Access to all the candidates and evaluation of their projects: technological and financial advice, due diligence, etc…
  • Participation in the startups and researchers selection jury according to voting procedures and governance to be defined
  • Integration of up to 10 collaborators as mentors for the project leaders
  • Realization of POC on your platforms and testing means

2. An acculturation towards entrepreneurship to implement the “startup spirit” within your company 

  • Organization by BLAST of conferences and keynotes around innovation and deeptech during the year
  • Mentor training for your employees 
  • Awareness of entrepreneurship for employees who show interest 
  • Integration of your use cases into the BLAST program (up to 3 per year)

3. Direct access to the market and to "disruptive" technologies to integrate them in your current programs

  • Integration of your use cases into the BLAST call for applications
  • Organization of a dedicated pitch per cohort
  • Access to startup expertise and reverse mentoring
  • Provision of a quarterly report on French deeptech news

4. An active and visible commitment in developing sovereign sectors.

  • Integration in the official communication of the program: website, social networks, call for projects,…
  • Participation in BLAST events: Kick-off, Demo-Day, press conferences,…
  • Intervention during keynotes and round tables throughout the year. 

If you’d like to become a partner of the BLAST program, please reach out to us at

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