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Long Endurance Drones

« Today, long endurance drones have a very small market penetration (~1% of the market demand in volume) due to constraining regulations and low price competitiveness. The market penetration could be multiplied by eight in 2030, depending on the dynamic of three market drivers… »
Discover how these three market drivers will influence the dynamic of a higher market penetration!

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Aerospace Investments report

Current trends point to persistent growth in aerospace ventures with investment dollars previously focused on the U.S. continuing to see prominance, coupled with an interesting awakening in other parts of the world where all indicators show growth as well. Increase in defense spending and possible geopolitical stabilities have resulted in a renewed interest in new and innovative technologies in aerospace as a means to mitigate risk and threats from external forces. With space-led communication channels, satellite-based earth observation, ballistic propulsion capabilities, military grade materials, and so on all finding commercial aspects to business and social issues, the possibilities are endless.

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Urban Air Mobility

Transportation industry is yet to benefit completely from the radical and disruptive transformations in many of its enabling technologies. Since its inception, fulfilling the basic objectives of moving people and freight from one point to another, the transportation industry has played a crucial role in every nation’s economy. Through that journey, we are now in a phase where congestion and traffic problems have become serious issues for urban planners. We are reaching an inflexion point where technology has matured sufficiently to create flying cars for mass adoption.

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