Starburst gathers 32 startups at the Toulouse Space Show


In cooperation with the CNES, ESA and BOOSTERS, Starburst organizes the Toulouse space show startup village. 32 startups are displaying their innovations and pitching during three days (June 28-30) among 3 space related areas:

  • Space Infrastructures: Earth Cube, Sunbirds, Endurosat, Team Indus, Ava, Else, Zero 2 Infinity, Thrust Me, D-Orbit, PLD Space
  • Space Applications: Eventech, Lekooa, Snapplanet, Flight Watching, Lidre, Cintoo3D, I-SEA, Leaf Space, FZ engineering, Suricog
  • Space Technologies: Expert Teleportation, Oxford Space Systems, WinMS, Tisics, Voox, Swissto12, Crystal Space, Lens R&D, Erneo, Arralis, Flyops, Space Products and Innovation

The start-up village is also animated by some high level keynotes speakers from our industry partners:

  • Mr Jean-Christophe Henoux (Head of Strategy, Airbus Safran Launchers),
  • Mr François Chopard (Starburst founder),
  • Mr Franck Salzgeber (Head of Technology Transfer Program office, ESA Making innovation happen),
  • Mr Benjamin Lenoir (Open Innovation Manager, Thales Alenia Space Disruption in the space industry),
  • Mr Richard T. French (Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA, Innovation in Space)

Posted on 28/06/2016 in blog

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