The French Ministry of Armed Forces’ Defense Innovation Agency and Starburst strengthen their cooperation

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The French Ministry of Armed Forces’ Defense Innovation Agency (Agence de l’Innovation de Defense) and Starburst strengthen their cooperation in technology scouting and startup acceleration

Since the Agence de l’Innovation de Defense was established in 2018, it has collaborated with civilian incubators and accelerators to detect the most promising startups to improve the Ministry of Armed Froces’ capabilities.
The Agence de l’Innovation de Defense and Starburst have announced that they will strengthen their cooperation in technology scouting and acceleration to develop disruptive dual-use technologies, with applications in both military and civilian sectors. To accomplish this, Starburst will launch a new intensive 3-month acceleration program in early 2020. The program will support 10 early stage startups per year. These startups will benefit from direct access to the global defense ecosystem through the Agency, as well as, Starburst and its close industrial partners.

Starburst has already demonstrated its ability to successfully accelerate high-potential early stage startups in France and garnered labels like French Tech Seed (equity funding matching) by Bpifrance (French Public Investment Bank). This new program expands our capability to accelerate the development of technologies coming from cutting-edge French laboratories, such as AI, collaborative combat, quantum sensing, new materials, predictive maintenance, etc.

The startups will be hosted by Starburst in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.
“The Ministry of Armed Forces will annually communicate its topics of interest, which will enable Starburst to tune the selection criteria for the startups that will join the program. Each cohort of 10 startups will have a specific theme, such as aeronautics with applications in the future combat aircraft, information technologies feeding the reflection on combat cloud or even new space technologies. The Agency and the DGA will have privileged access to these startups and therefore will be able to test these high value solutions” – Emmanuel Chiva, Director of the Agence de l’Innovation de Defense, Ministry of Defense.

Starburst invites our corporate partners to join the program to benefit from early access to these next-generation solutions.

About Starburst
Starburst is an innovation catalyst in the aerospace industry. It is the first and only global aerospace accelerator, connecting startups with corporates, investors and government, providing growth and investment opportunities for all. With offices in Paris, Munich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Montreal, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, the team has built an ecosystem of key players with more than 5,000 startups in its network. Its accelerator programs help startups scale their business in aerospace, aviation, and defense with access to a large group of corporate stakeholders to help startups win their first $1M+ contract.
Each year, Starburst operates numerous international and national events gathering entrepreneurs from the aviation, space and defense sectors to highlight game-changing innovations. Starburst helps its clients acquire and maintain their leadership on new markets and to identify disruptive threats.
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About the Agence de l’Innovation de Defense

The Agency was established on September 1st, 2018 by the Minister of Armed Forces to place innovation at the heart of the transformation of the Ministry. The Agency, in close collaboration with the Direction Generale de l’Armement (DGA), federates all the stakeholders from the Ministry of Armed Forces and all the actions contributing to defense innovation. With an annual budget of €1.2B, the Agency is the catalyst of innovation within the Ministry. It implements the Ministerial policy in terms of innovation, orientates the strategies, coordinates and pilots the work done by the armies, directions and services. It leads the plans to support innovation and collaborates with its public and private partners, at the international scale.

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