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IAI is a worldwide recognized company and the most experienced Israeli body regarding space projects. With over 40 years of experience across many fields including nano, micro, small and large satellites, moon landers, satellite components, subsystems and systems, ground stations and communications, launchers and launches, IAI is considered a world leader in the aerospace industry. IAI brings its vast expertise in space technologies to the benefit of the incubated companies.

IAI provides operational support focused on the validation phase in order to lead to a functional market prototype, integrating their industry know-how, resources and expertise in the space sector. IAI provides access to its infrastructure to conduct experiments and acts as a beta-site to test early models and proof of concepts.

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Starburst’s goal is to advance technology in the Aerospace sector. We support innovation by leveraging the expertise and novel ideation found in large and small businesses, government organizations, and academic institutions. Over the last decade, Starburst has proven that this future-focused, diverse ecosystem of collaborators can bring our partners to the forefront of innovation. Connecting visionary founders in our Aerospace accelerators to our extensive network of global aviation, space, and defense leaders–fostered in our parallel consulting practice–has changed the industry.

The aerospace technologies currently being developed hold the promise of solving the most difficult challenges facing humanity; Starburst is dedicated to supporting the aerospace innovators transforming the world.

Starburst is the world’s leading aerospace and defense accelerator. Its mission is to help create, shape and pave the future of aerospace working with private and public partners to build innovation hubs all over the world. We assist the industry majors, academia and government institutions to capture opportunities for growth by connecting them with innovative aerospace technologies. With offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Singapore and Seoul, the team has built an ecosystem of key players in the aerospace and defense industry, including more than 10,000 startups in its network. Every year, Starburst organizes numerous international and national events that bring together all the innovators in the aerospace and defense industry. Starburst also honors startups and innovative research projects at international air shows.

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Investors, industry, and mentors all play a critical role in supporting entrepreneurs and startups. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand a compelling business case. And open innovation demonstrates the most effective way for startups and multinationals to come together and productize innovations into the market at speed!

Since 2012, Starburst has been a champion for early-stage entrepreneurs and the global aerospace & defense industry, offering technology scouting and accelerator programs backed by over 65 corporate and government partners based in 10 countries, providing growth support to the most promising companies with a portfolio of startups.

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