Cohort 2 Problem Statements

Problem Statement 1:  Leveraging intelligent pricing tools to optimize airfares and ancillary products

Pricing strategy is key to optimising revenue for every air ticket sold, while also maximising ticket sales volume. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted conventional air travel patterns, making demand forecasting and data analysis a huge challenge. We would like to invite innovative companies with experience in airfare pricing, specialising in Fare Pricing, to partner with us to co-create a pricing intelligence tool to lead the new world. The tool should ideally provide end to end automation of the full pricing process; from the consolidation and presentation of data for analysis to the execution of the pricing recommendations and finally the tracking of performance of the changes.

Problem Statement 2: Video Analytics for Operations monitoring of LEAN Principles

5S is a method of workplace organisation that eliminates unneeded materials, tools, equipment and other items from the workplace and streamlines the presentation and access for those that remain. The completion of the 5S also results in increased safety, which is sometimes called the sixth ā€œSā€. We would like to invite innovative companies with experience in video analytics capabilities in an aviation environment that can assess and detect compliance with 5S and workplace safety.

Problem Statement 3: Expedite aircraft inspection service of aircraft cabin sweeps

Cabin Sweep is one of the important aircraft inspection processes, which is currently conducted using a manual checklist to identify and record defects and other issues. As we progress from the use of manual checklists to digital checklists, we would like to enhance the process with voice-enabled technology to make it hands-free and more efficient. We would like to invite innovative companies with experience in readily available Voice AI systems, with reasonable translation accuracy, to interact with the digital checklist in the mobile applications from the company.

Problem Statement 4: Air Cargo Digitalisation

Traditional airfreight software that takes years of implementation and training. There are no one stop software and platform that allows freight forwarders to connect with 100% of airlines from every country in the world, either via direct API connections or a unique and efficient quote issuing/booking process. We would like to invite innovative startups with experience in readily available APIs to interact with the Open APIs from the partner company to display an intuitive, modular, and offers fully tailor-made solutions to air cargo companies. 

Problem Statement 5: AIRLab

We would like to invite innovative startups with technologies that can be applicable for the air traffic management industry, including artificial intelligence (AI),  machine learning (ML), climate technology, human machine interface, automation and green aviation.


We welcome startups with innovative solutions that fit within focus areas to submit an application too!


Sustainability &
green aviation


Cross synergies to
enhance collaboration


Tech to enhance and further digitalize air
transport segment


Improving air 
transport data


Improving the


Tech to enhance
operational, safety 
and infrastructure


Tech to enable
passengers to fly with
health & safety in mind


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