Frequently Asked Questions

Who can l contact for further questions regarding application submissions and/or general questions?

For all questions regarding application requirements or just general inquiries please reach out to Starburst via email. Please be sure to include a link to your company's website, a brief description of the technology you are working on, and anything else you think we may need to know so that we can better assist you.

Is the Singapore Aviation Accelerator Program limited to companies headquartered in Singapore?

The competition is not limited to startups headquartered in Singapore. The program is open to all international startups.

What should we do if our technology/solution does not clearly address any of the problem statements, but we still believe that we would provide value to the future of aviation?

Companies that do not clearly address at least one of the problem statements are unlikely to be selected. However, if you feel your technology/solution could still benefit the future of global aviation and one of the program partners directly then we encourage you to apply.

Is there a specific Product Readiness Level or stage of growth that the program is looking for? How developed or early-stage should applicants be?

There is no specific Product Readiness Level requirement or targeted stage of growth desired for this program. That said however, companies with existing market traction such as pre-seed/seed VC funding or some commercial partnerships and/or customers will be given preference in the selection process.

Will selected companies receive funding from the program?

No, the program will not provide direct funding to the selected companies. Instead, the program will offer companies an opportunity to work with a worldwide pool of specialized mentors across the aviation, direct access to key innovation stakeholders at the program’s partner organizations, and more! Eligible Singapore-based startups stand a chance for grant applications of up to S$250,000, subject to further evaluation and approval.

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