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What is BLAST?

BLAST is an early-stage accelerator program focused on ASD technologies to boost mature research projects and pre-seed start-ups, in order to consolidate a pool of deep tech actors for future major aerospace and defense programs.



BLAST will accelerate technologies focused on
themes such as



Decarbonized aviation: electric,
hybrid, and hydrogen engines


New urban and regional
air mobility platforms


Autonomy (sensors,
data fusion, etc.)


Artificial Intelligence


Secure cloud communication


Downstream and upstream space technologies

The BLAST program will strategically position relevant projects in relation to the needs of the ASD industry and thus enable them to win significant commercial contracts, collaborations with industrial or institutional principals, as well as raise more than 2 million euros in seed funding.


With the Starburst project, SATT Paris-Saclay will intensify its involvement in the ASD vertical market, which has specific features that are perfectly in line with our expertise: a strong technological component, a dynamic start-up creation process and a fast-growing market. In addition, the ecosystem of the Paris-Saclay cluster in the ASD domain is very rich both in terms of research laboratories and the industrial fabric. We also welcome the strong complementarity of the 4 partners of the BLAST project.

Président, SATT Paris-Saclay


The BLAST program and its ambition are in complete alignment with my career and my ideals because it moves the lines. It is an unprecedented opportunity for start-ups and research projects to quickly bring technological bricks to major ASD programs for the benefit of France.



We are delighted to be leading this program of excellence alongside our trusted partners Onera, SATT Paris-Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique. This program is fully in line with the methodology and philosophy dear to the Starburst teams: working with all public and private players to build together, in the service of our country's strategic interests.

Partner CEO EU, Starburst


The creation of this new support program, thanks to the complementarity and synergy of the skills of its four members, is a strong and unprecedented act in our country to support the emergence of new breakthrough projects with high technological value, in line with the needs of the French aerospace and defense industry. 

François CHOPARD
Founder and CEO, Starburst


Research in the field of Aeronautics, Space and Defense is our core business and the transfer of our research results for the benefit of industry is a major national challenge. BLAST is a new opportunity to enhance our expertise and accelerate our innovations through a winning strategy of supporting deeptech startups.

Development and Intellectual Property Director, Onera


Contributing to building high impact Deep tech projects in the Aerospace and Defense industry, helping researchers to acquire an entrepreneurial culture, immersing students in real life projects and in multicultural groups is a thrilling challenge for BLAST and a fantastic opportunity for Ecole polytechnique.

Director of the Technology Venture Master Program, Ecole Polytechnique 

The Mission

An unprecedented initiative in France to develop the deep
tech sector applicable to the ASD

The BLAST program was born after a strong observation: the lack of a program constituted in France, dedicated to the accompaniment of deep tech projects for the ASD sector. This sector is nevertheless a French technological showcase and represents a positive contribution to the trade balance of the country. It has been driven over the last ten years by a powerful wave of innovations from non-traditional players supported by venture capital funds, enabling them to develop cutting-edge technologies.

This movement, which is particularly dynamic in the United States and Israel, needs to be strengthened in Europe, particularly in France. Technological innovation in the ASD industry inherently bears the characteristics of deeptech: high barriers to entry, a long and complex development cycle and a strong disruptive nature if successful.

The ambition of the BLAST program is to impel a new dynamic to promote the emergence and sustainability of a new wave of technological projects throughout the national territory ready to irrigate the commercial market, from the unique epicenter of competencies gathered locally in Paris Saclay.


The Partners

Starburst will ensure the global management of the BLAST program in connection with the Ile-de-France ecosystem, will bring its expertise in the ASD sector and will pilot an intensive acceleration phase for the most mature projects.

Onera will be a major source of innovative projects and will provide technical support to the projects supported, making available testing resources and the technical expertise of its research laboratories.

SATT Paris-Saclay will provide expertise in analysis and technology transfer, and will support projects in the area of intellectual property strategy.

Ecole Polytechnique will provide training in deep tech entrepreneurship for project leaders.


The Demo Day event will take place on February, 15th at 3:30pm


Will ensure the overall
management of the BLAST program
in collaboration with the Ile-de-France
ecosystem, bring its expertise in the
ASD sector and lead an intensive
acceleration process for the most
mature projects.


Will provide technical support to supported projects, making available testing resources and the technical the expertise of its research laboratories.


Will provide its expertise in technology analysis and transfer and support projects in the intellectual property strategy field.


Will provide training in deep tech
entrepreneurship for project

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