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BLAST brings together the best French network of mentors, all experts in their field, to bring their knowledge and vision to the ASD startups and researchers. Since 2012, Starburst has been a champion for early-stage entrepreneurs and the global aerospace & defense industry, offering technology scouting and accelerator programs backed by over 65 corporate and government partners based in 10 countries, providing growth support to the most promising companies with a portfolio of startups. Join BLAST to contribute to this brand-new ecosystem, from which will emerge tomorrow’s major technological innovations!



Aeronautic and marketing expert

Lead mentor Beyond Aero 

“Thanks to my experience, my knowledge and my network, I contribute to the development of tomorrow's aeronautics by accompanying BLAST project leaders!


Christophe VERBAERE

Chief Operating Officer NS PARTNERS

Lead mentor Venture Orbital Systems

“Thank Blast to : 

. access to new generation talents 

. discover disruptive technologies

. be the catalyst of a new way to innovate

. help us extend our network."

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Lead Mentor

Frequent exchange with the
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3 to 7 months

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