Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for further questions regarding application submissions and/or general questions?

For any additional questions you have that cannot be found here, please email and stay tuned for updates on upcoming events that will shed more light on the upcoming program.

Is SCALE open to applicants from all over the United States?

SCALE is a program designed for startups who want to build their business in Los Angeles but startups from elsewhere are welcome to apply if they are interested in relocating their businesses to LA.

Who should apply?

SCALE is open to pre-seed and seed-stage companies who want to build their business in Los Angeles. Startups in all aerospace verticals or who have technology that has aerospace applications are welcome to apply.

What is the application deadline?

Application deadline for cohort 2 is September 3rd

What is the accelerator program schedule?

The program runs from June 21st to January 2022. There will be lectures, workshops, 1:1's and special events during the week, but no more than four hours a day, to allow for work time.

Is the program virtual or in-person?

Due to COVID-19, courses will be online for the Spring and Fall cohorts of 2021. If it is safe to do so, the program will be in person in Los Angeles starting in 2022.

Does the program cost anything?

The program is completely free. 

How much equity does SCALE take?

SCALE does not take any equity.

Is this the same as the TechStars program?

No, this is a separate program led by Starburst in collaboration with UCLA. SCALE is a completely free program that doesn’t take equity. SCALE provides access to Starburst’s unmatched global corporate network and feeds into Starburst’s later stage accelerator program and venture fund. 

What is the difference between Starburst and Techstars-Starburst?

Though Techstars is using our name, Starburst has no involvement with the Techstars-Starburst accelerator (it’s a long story). . At Starburst we understand the critical nuances of growing a business in the aerospace industry and how to customize tools and resources available to you. We have been doing this since 2012; our team is composed of aerospace veterans, and we have an unparalleled global A&D corporate network. SCALE is a non-dilutive (no equity), federally-funded program, backed by our unmatched coalition of industry, academia, investors and governments around the world. If you are curious whether SCALE, or any other Starburst program, is right for you, fill out the application, and our team will reach out to discuss details. We are mission-focused and committed to your success. 

I am not building a rocket or flying car, should I still apply? 

Beyond things that fly, aerospace is just another industry trying to adapt. Whether you’re developing a voice recognition system for schools, an image recognition tool for healthcare, or a no-code testing tool for financial systems, we want to hear it all! Dual-use is what matters whether you’re seeking to work in energy or bring your algorithm into a heavily-regulated sector. Apply now and leave it with us to follow up and share incredible applications and use-cases with you. 

What kind of mentors are you looking for?

Deep-tech needs its accountants and recruiters as well as its engineers and scientists. We love hearing from all walks of life anywhere in the world so yes, please register to join our mailing list for more details to come and hopefully find a good match for involving you in our activities. 

What is the time commitment of the program?

Startups should be able to commit to 6-10 hours of focused time each week. There are approximately 5 hour of lectures each week plus weekly meetings with the SCALE team and regular community/networking opportunities.

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