Some exciting announcements from ASTRA accelerator portfolio companies

OrbitAID Aerospace (Cohort 3 Alumni):

OrbitAID recently secured a substantial pre-seed fund of $540k from Government of Tamil NaduStartupTN, and TANSIM, reaffirming their steadfast commitment to driving forward space innovation.

Led by SAKTHIKUMAR RNikhil Balasubramanian, and Mano Balaji, OrbitAID is developing satellite life extension solutions enabling longer mission duration, reduced space debris generation and enhanced operational flexibility.

WeSpace Technologies (Cohort 1 Alumni):

Congratulations to WeSpace, who secured a strategic alliance with Dynetics, Inc., a significant player in the US aviation and space market. The collaboration is working toward their common goal of having an Israeli-made lunar hopper on the moon. The agreement enables the WeSpace to compete in U.S. government tenders, including NASA opportunities, which are typically open only to American companies.

Led by co-founders Yifat Feffer and Yigal Harel, WeSpace is paving the way for a new era of lunar exploration through rocket-powered autonomously flying robotic systems.

Read more: (Cohort 3 Alumni): had the pleasure of of meeting the Ambassador of Nepal in Germany, Mr. Ram Kaji Khadka, and the Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Counselor, Mr. Sagar P. Phuyal, to discuss the potential impact of forecasting system on Nepal’s preparedness. With the help of USAID and Unsung Heroes – Ventures For Humanity, they plan to place an earthquake detection station to deliver earthquake forecasting horizons of 14 days, 5 days, and one day.

Led by co-founders Itamar ZabariNoemi Zabari, and Kevin Cheminant,‘s advanced and novel AI earthquake forecast and preparedness solution is designed to provide communities and professionals with state-of-the-art analysis methods for revealing earthquake nature.

Applications for Cohort 5 of ASTRA, Starburst Aerospace and IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries‘ early-stage space-tech focused accelerator based out of Israel, are open through May 10, 2024!

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