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Founder Eugene Choi
Category Enabling technologies
Location Fomebu, Norway

MOBIUS.energy provides a battery module subscription program for electric aircrafts with focus on e-VTOL. MOBIUS.energy battery module rapidly charges in less than 10 minutes and has a high degree of thermal consistency preventing thermal runway.

Founder Matthew Clausen, Charles Goddard
Category Enabling technologies
Location Pasadena, CA

Clarvoyant develops a computer model visualization platform based on holographic reality augmentation. The system can be used for any kind of computer-aided engineering model, allowing full-size holographic model replication with detailed technical insights. Clarvoyant can also be used to implement VR on websites for e-commerce applications.

Founder Peter Lee
Category Enabling technologies
Location Santa Monica, CA

Corenova develops an autonomous operation framework aiming to eliminate the need for human management of fleets of any type of unmanned vehicles for critical operations.

The framework enables users to simply mark the location, urgency, and type of operation (e.g. infrared photo, 3D visual scan, etc). The fleet then automatically assesses which vehicles are equipped to perform the action by checking available battery or range. Corenova instantly and constantly optimizes the mission plan for all vehicles in the fleet.

Founder Kim Taylor
Category Aerospace engineering
Location Los Angeles, CA

The Cluster platform allows users to build a personalized employee profile that prioritizes skill verification rather than resumes and cover letters. After employees set their work preferences,
Cluster presents their profile directly to the hiring team that best matches the candidate. Cluster is a marketplace for matching Industry 4.0 skills to jobs and training at aviation, aerospace, defense and automotive companies.

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