Julius Yeo is a serial entrepreneur and is currently Managing Partner of Asian Aero Ventures, which is an advisory & investment firm specializing in the Aviation & Aerospace industry. Julius has an professional career track record in multi national company ‐ Rockwell Collins heading their commercial strategy as well as it’s program responsibility for the digital roadmap before embarking on the entrepreneur journey.
Notably some of the current advisory assignments include development of aircraft engine leasing business plan as well as raising investment from capital market and private equity organization(s).
As Managing Director Starburst Singapore, he is driving and growing the Starburst innovation footprint in Singapore and beyond.
Julius holds both a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore as well as Harvard Executive Mentor Program from IATA.

Avital joined the Starburst team in 2020 as a community manager.
Avital started her aerospace journey during her mandatory military service, where she served in the field of Navigation for Operations Planning at a fighter jet training base.
After studying Internal Innovation in Tel-Aviv University, Avital founded the IDF Story Tellers Community, dedicated to teaching and spreading tools for communication, rhetoric, and cooperation, for soldiers all across the IDF regardless of rank and job.

Later, Avital moved to become the first official Community Manager in the IDF, and was in charge of the Acceleration Hub in the Air Force’s Electronics and Technology Base.
Avital was also on the management team of the IDF’s Innovation Community, and worked on developing collaboration between the IDF and the Ministry of Education.

Avital was one of the founders of the IS-CL team, an international organization dealing with the field of community management as a tool for business development.

Noemie joined the Starburst team in 2019, as Operation Manager, to drive and grow the Starburst innovation footprint in Israel. She is responsible for managing corporate partners, running the IAI international Innovation Center and scouting for Israeli startups in the search for the next big thing in Aviation, Aerospace & Defense.
As a French expat, Noemie lived in the US for 9 yrs where she started her career advising companies in distressed at KPMG in NYC before relocating to Israel 7 years ago. Noemie previously served as deputy director of theHive by Gvahim where she took an active part in managing all aspects of running the accelerator program, supporting startups and collaborating with all the players in the ecosystem before embarking on the entrepreneur journey and co-founding 3 startups.

Passionate about flight, Noemie obtained a private helicopter pilot license in 2010. Noemie holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from the University of Florida.