Noemie Alliel
Director, Israel

Noemie joined the Starburst team in 2019, as Operation Manager, to drive and grow the Starburst innovation footprint in Israel. She is responsible for managing corporate partners, running the IAI international Innovation Center and scouting for Israeli startups in the search for the next big thing in Aviation, Aerospace & Defense.
As a French expat, Noemie lived in the US for 9 yrs where she started her career advising companies in distressed at KPMG in NYC before relocating to Israel 7 years ago. Noemie previously served as deputy director of theHive by Gvahim where she took an active part in managing all aspects of running the accelerator program, supporting startups and collaborating with all the players in the ecosystem before embarking on the entrepreneur journey and co-founding 3 startups.

Passionate about flight, Noemie obtained a private helicopter pilot license in 2010. Noemie holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from the University of Florida.