Avital Vilkin
Community Manager & Technology Scouting Manager, Israel

Avital joined the Starburst team in 2020 as a community manager.
Avital started her aerospace journey during her mandatory military service, where she served in the field of Navigation for Operations Planning at a fighter jet training base.
After studying Internal Innovation in Tel-Aviv University, Avital founded the IDF Story Tellers Community, dedicated to teaching and spreading tools for communication, rhetoric, and cooperation, for soldiers all across the IDF regardless of rank and job.

Later, Avital moved to become the first official Community Manager in the IDF, and was in charge of the Acceleration Hub in the Air Force’s Electronics and Technology Base.
Avital was also on the management team of the IDF’s Innovation Community, and worked on developing collaboration between the IDF and the Ministry of Education.

Avital was one of the founders of the IS-CL team, an international organization dealing with the field of community management as a tool for business development.