1st cohort for ASTRA

Starburst is excited to announce the launch of its 1st cohort for ASTRA, focused solely on innovative technologies for space applications. 3 start-ups were selected in a very competitive pitch process: CSpace, Crystalen Semicondactor LTD and Tehiru.


ASTRA is a newly launched, early-stage start-up accelerator that runs in partnership with IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries, and Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art. powered by Starburst Aerospace. It aims to support early-stage start-ups to realize their ideas and helps to turn their technology into a product.


CSpace is creating a satellite-based public planetary observation center comprising of nanosatellite telescopes for public space observation and astrophysics research.


Crystalen Semicondactor LTD develops a cutting-edge technology that enables the growth of ‘single crystal diamonds’ for a new generation of materials in the semiconductor industry.


Tehiru is a launch provider for small payloads to LEO, developing an affordable, air-launched & rapidly reusable rocket system utilizing electric landing.


Today, our promising startups started a 7-month program to accelerate the development of their innovative technologies. They will benefit from technical support, fundraising support, senior coaching and expert mentoring, a 13-week Bootcamp to prepare for their Seed round, business introductions for pilot opportunities, access to a global network of space and aerospace industry leaders, academic labs, investors and more!


We are delighted to welcome these 3 amazing start-ups to the Starburst portfolio!