FutureTech Summit & Carpathian Startup Fest

History repeats itself – two events at once 🙌🏻


We Make Future 2023 – Rimini, Italy


E also had an opportunity to participate FutureTech Summit 2023 held in Italy. The event brought together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to explore the limitless possibilities of future technologies. Itamar Zabari, the Co-CEO of AstroTeq.ai, took the stage and delivered an inspiring pitch that captivated the audience, followed by an engaging Q&A session.


During his pitch, Itamar shared our vision and groundbreaking work in the field of space technology. He highlighted the transformative potential of the innovations and the commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The audience was enthralled as Itamar outlined the practical applications of our technology and the positive impact we can have on various industries.


As AstroTeq.ai continues its mission to revolutionize geoscience, but also the use of space technologyies events like the Carpathian Startup Fest or WMF serve as catalysts, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to dream big, overcome challenges, and make a lasting impact on the world.


Carpathian Startup Fest CSF23 – Rzeszów, Poland


This highly anticipated event, organized by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis,” and their partners, aims to foster entrepreneurship and technological advancements while connecting startups, investors, corporate partners, media, and founders.


The CSF23 showcased two days filled with invaluable speeches, lectures, and panel discussions, creating an enriching environment for knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. AstroTeq.ai eagerly joined the event to contribute to the vibrant startup ecosystem and engage with like-minded individuals.


One of the highlights of the festival was the panel discussion on the topic “Are Startups Eternal?” This thought-provoking session featured prominent industry leaders, including our Co-CEO, alongside other winners from the previous edition of the Carpathian Startup Fest.


Participating in the Carpathian Startup Fest provided AstroTeq.ai with an exceptional platform to raise awareness about the groundbreaking work in the field of astrotechnology.