In recent years, the space industry has experienced a renewed focus and investment in satellite technology and services. One such company is OrbitAID Aerospace Pvt Ltd, founded in 2021 by Sakthikumar R and Mano Balaji K. OrbitAID Aerospace is an aerospace company developing in-orbit refueling technology for satellite life extension and building orbital Fuel Station in Space, with their product called Standard Interface Docking and Refueling Port (SIDRP), along with tanker satellites.


Sakthikumar was driven by his passion for space and wanted to solve real challenges in the domain. This inspired him to come up with a solution for the issue of satellites being sent to graveyard orbit due to fuel depletion and turn it into a profitable business. OrbitAID offers a unique service which allows for dual docking and easy fuel transfer in space, thus extending the life of a satellite and saving customers money. Their innovative approach has been recognised by the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, who awarded them for their efforts.


OrbitAID’s revenue model is based on the sale of their SIDRP product, in-orbit refueling services, satellite life extension subscriptions, and success shares of in-orbit refueling. The company holds the distinction of being the only one in India to offer in-orbit refueling, though they do have one global competitor, Orbit Fab. In order to achieve short-term growth, OrbitAID is focusing on GEO satellites and increasing their SIDRP and propulsion sales. Their goal is to cover the entire Asian market within the next three years.


Growing and scaling their business in the highly specialized sector they work in will require them to keep juggling multiple things from fundraising to international marketing, and export control.