Selected as one of the four companies to participate in ASTRA, an acceleration program by Starburst

Program period: 7 months from September 2022 to March 2023. The demo day is planned in December after the 3-month bootcamp.
Participants: 4 companies


IDDK Co., Ltd. (IDDK) has been elected to participate in the Starburst acceleration program ASTRA, the world’s first and only aerospace accelerator.


Kohei Yoshioka, Chief Financial Officer of IDDK, said, “It is a great honor to be selected for this program by Starburst, a world-famous space accelerator. I was able to decide to participate in this program throughout the discussion with Starburst team. Through this program, we will be accerelating to implement our technology in the space field. Space bio-experiments have the potential to contribute to the development of new medicines, and the results of the experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) have been shown to benefit people living on Earth. With IDDK’s proprietary technology, the government-led space experiments on the International Space Station will be shifted to private sector-led. In order for humans to safely carry out activities in outer space,it is necessary to study how special environments such as cosmic radiation affect humans. To address the issue of human sustainability, we believe that it is important to create an environment that allows space experiments to be conducted under the initiative of the private sector.”


【About IDDK】
IDDK was established in June 2017 by Soichiro Ueno, the founder and CEO, and has been developing business using the patented cutting-edge technology, Micro Imaging Device (MID).IDDK is working on the space bio experiment field as a social implementation of MID. IDDK democratizes space experiment. We do this with MID applying to artificial satellites, constructing mini lab inside the satellites. Space experiments carried out on the International Space Station led by the government over the past 20 years will be shifted to private sector leadership by IDDK.


【About Starburst】
Starburst is the innovation catalyst for the aerospace industry. Mission driven, Starburst’s goal is to advance technology in the Aerospace sector. We support innovation by leveraging the expertise and novel ideation found in large and small businesses, government organizations, and academic institutions. Over the last decade, Starburst has proven that this future-focused, diverse ecosystem of collaborators can bring our partners to the forefront of innovation. Connecting visionary founders in our Aerospace accelerators to our extensive network of global aviation, space, and defense leaders–fostered in our parallel consulting practice–has changed the industry.


【About ASTRA】
Starburst, the world’s first and only global aviation and space accelerator, has partnered with the Israel Aerospace Industries and Shenkar Space Lab to launch the ASTRA accelerator program, which aims to support startups and research that develop innovative technologies in the Space Industry. By launching next-generation space technology ventures, ASTRA will transform Israel from a startup nation to a spacetech nation.


This early-stage accelerator is designed to support startups in several verticals with space technologies applications. The program will create an innovation hub nurtured by key players in the industry, both locally and globally.


The selected startups in the program will have the opportunity to engage with Starburst and its partners to form deliverable commercial benefits as well as invaluable connections that contribute to their growth and advancement.