We are right in the midst of the ASTRA Starburst Program action!

We just had our status update at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) held in IAI offices at @midtownTLV building, Tel Aviv, Israel at which we laid out Astroteq.ai journey and progress – development, research, business hustle, and market actions – all there for everyone to see and be able to help move forward.


This program is a game-changer, no doubt!


Every time we hit the ground in Israel, it’s like a shot of energy. The meetings, connections, and all that jazz keep us buzzing. And gotta admit, the 40th floor has its own kind of charm.


A big shoutout to our mentors who we’ve had the chance to meet in person. Meidad, a true space tech pro, is guiding us through the twists and turns of SpaceTech with remarkable clarity. His expertise is like a compass pointing us in the right direction. And then there’s Denis, who came through for us in the last day of our stay. He’s all about breaking into the insurance and UK markets, and his insights are helping us chart our course ahead.


But let’s pull back a bit. The Astra Starburst Program isn’t just about mentors – it’s a whole launchpad for our space tech dreams. Two main goals of ours: one, to see Astroteq.ai through from start to finish with top-notch support and training; two, opening and leveraging Israel’s aerospace arena. And we’re on it!


Here’s to Astra Starburst – the wind beneath our wings as we aim for the stars. Each step we take is turning the current stage of Astroteq.ai into real down-to-earth implementation and achievement.