What qualities should founders seek in advisors?


“Companies sometimes make the mistake of bringing in prominent individuals solely for the sake of appearances, based on their impressive titles or positions. Ideally, advisors should be people with whom the team has a solid relationship.


They should possess knowledge and understanding of the technology being developed, along with a clear understanding of how they can provide value, be it in terms of product roadmap, technical expertise, or other relevant areas. Therefore, it is crucial for the team to have a diverse group of advisors….” – Noemie Alliel


As the Managing Director of our Israeli business operations, Noemie is building bridges between startups and large corporations via #ASTRA, our space tech-focused accelerator in collab with IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries to advance space tech and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in Israel.


“The secret to Starburst Aerospace‘s success lies in the insights we gain from partnerships with industry stakeholders. We consider ourselves fortunate to have forged partnerships with leading industry players, as they assist us in identifying the most challenging pain points and the specific technologies we should focus on.”


Read the recent Space Ambition article to discover Noemie’s insights on how to enter top space accelerators, begin investing in space, select top advisors, and spot trends, and what Starburst looks for in early-stage and late-stage startups. It also features Interstellar Lab (Starburst Flagship Accelerator), WeSpace Technologies (ASTRA Cohort 2), and Remondo.