Accelerator Program

A 12-month acceleration program with 7 work streams to prepare your startup for series A fundraising maturity

What our program offers:

1. Acceleration Support

Starburst focal point with constant feedback

Dedicated Starburst resources and account management ensuring your company benefits fully from the program & the greater ecosystem

2. Senior Coaching

Office hours with Starburst leadership team

The Starburst team of experts is available to coach your business and provide the necessary expertise when needed, based on your maturity

3. Mentoring

Mentors bringing your startup industry expertise

You are granted access to a worldwide pool of experienced mentors according to your company’s needs

4. Corporate Intros

The right entry points at A&D blue chips

Connect with the entire aerospace value chain worldwide and build commercial traction

5. Public Relations

Promotion through Starburst PR communication

Starburst works with leading industry agencies to bring media attention to the most promising aerospace startups

6. International Mobility

Access to Starburst four offices worldwide

You gain access to our network of offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Montreal and Singapore & meeting rooms when you travel abroad

7. Networking Events

Privileged access to Starburst events

Access a range of global events planned for showcasing & networking to expand your reach and build essential contacts

Accelerator SC 2

Interested in our program?

We are looking for:

  • Space and aviation related products and technologies


  • Startups that have raised their seed round


  • Companies that have a first working prototype or product


  • The beginning of a track record with industry


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