Starburst invests in the best of the best, companies with transformative technology, a strong team, commercial application, and fast growth. Our companies are reinventing the aerospace industry and impacting the way we live.

Our portfolio is made up of a diverse mix of more than 140 startup companies from 20+ accelerator programs. We back technology startups developing new sustainable aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, drones, sensors, autonomy, robotics, climate technology, space health-technology, and much more.

Founder Janos Opra, Michael Hollenbeck, Clinton Cathey, Robert Smith
Category Space
Location West Jordan, UT

Optisys offers highly integrated products combining RF, antenna design, mechanical design and metal 3D printing to create antennas with short lead times that are 10 times lighter and smaller than current products on the market.

Optisys is developing fully automated design and manufacturing of antennas through AI software that designs antennas within one week using a proprietary antenna software library.

Veracity Protocol
Founder Jeremy Atkins
Category Cybersecurity
Location New York, NY

Veracity enables any camera to create a tamper proof physical code based on an object’s material structure. Veracity Protocol can be used to ensure a transparent supply chain in aerospace and defense manufacturing and detect compromised hardware, in a cost and time effective way.

Helping Veracity find corporate partners that specialize in graphics processing for a myriad of applications.


Mentoring Veracity on go to market in the aerospace industry by identifying use cases and supply chain issues Veracity can solve (such as critical electronics & hardware).

Founder Saaketh Kanikicharla, Saad Mirza
Category Defense
Location San Francisco, CA

Ravyn develops precision munition based on a 2-stage architecture. Ravyn boasts increased range over existing MLRS rockets (over 10x to 700 km) and reduced development and production cost, thanks to reduced system diameter and mass as well as reduced warhead size and the possibility to carry more rockets per pod.

Founder Kevin Noertker, Cory Combs
Category Aviation
Location Los Angeles, CA

Ampaire is developing a high performance zero-emission aircraft designed to improve efficiency and reduce aviation’s impact on climate change. Ampaire’s custom propulsion system is scalable to planes of various sizes and is powered by lightweight, swappable battery packs.

The Ampaire jet will be used in scheduled, on-demand & business jet operations. Ampaire early focus is on retrofitting its technology on existing aircrafts allowing customers to upgrade their current fleet and minimize their expenses. The retrofits will be used by short-hop flight operators around the world offering a cost-effective and environmentally effective solution.

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