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Meet the companies changing how innovation is done in aerospace and defence.

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Red 6
Founder Daniel Robinson, Glenn Snyder, Nick Bicanic
Category Defense
Location Santa Monica, CA

Red 6 has developed the world’s only augmented reality ecosystem that works outdoors and in high- speed, dynamic environments, with an initial focus on the in-vehicle military training market, including for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, ships, and ground vehicles. Red 6’s modular and fully scalable approach allows warfighters to train realistically against any adversary (both real or imagined), as individuals, in numbers as a single service, or in a joint capacity including the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

Founder Saaketh Kanikicharla, Saad Mirza
Category Defense
Location San Francisco, CA

Ravyn develops precision munition based on a 2-stage architecture. Ravyn boasts increased range over existing MLRS rockets (over 10x to 700 km) and reduced development and production cost, thanks to reduced system diameter and mass as well as reduced warhead size and the possibility to carry more rockets per pod.

Founder Kim Taylor
Category Aerospace engineering
Location Los Angeles, CA

The Cluster platform allows users to build a personalized employee profile that prioritizes skill verification rather than resumes and cover letters. After employees set their work preferences,
Cluster presents their profile directly to the hiring team that best matches the candidate. Cluster is a marketplace for matching Industry 4.0 skills to jobs and training at aviation, aerospace, defense and automotive companies.

Founder Jeremy Goodwin
Category Enabling technologies
Location San Leandro, CA

SyncFab has developed a subscription-based blockchain procurement platform that connects OEM Part Buyers with Distributed Parts Manufacturers to securely share part information and avoid recalls by identifying defects in the supply chain, as well as improve inventory management. SyncFab uses ERC721 tokenization to securely store part manufacturing details on the blockchain and record every transaction across a supply chain in a single, shared audit trail for traceability, as well as QMS, ISO, AS9100, ITAR and DFARS compliance.

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