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Crypta Labs
Founder Joe Luong
Category Enabling technologies
Location London, UK

Crypta Labs has developed a suite of Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) capable of solving a variety of randomness requirements including latency reduction, anti vibration, temperature fluctuation and radiation. Crypta’s latest patent can generate Quantum Enhanced RNG in excess of 1TB bps. The 1TB QRNG patent was designed to seed encryption for QKD in quantum satellite communications.

Founder Kevin Noertker, Cory Combs
Category Aviation
Location Los Angeles, CA

Ampaire is developing a high performance zero-emission aircraft designed to improve efficiency and reduce aviation’s impact on climate change. Ampaire’s custom propulsion system is scalable to planes of various sizes and is powered by lightweight, swappable battery packs.

The Ampaire jet will be used in scheduled, on-demand & business jet operations. Ampaire early focus is on retrofitting its technology on existing aircrafts allowing customers to upgrade their current fleet and minimize their expenses. The retrofits will be used by short-hop flight operators around the world offering a cost-effective and environmentally effective solution.

SeRo Systems
Founder Markus Fuchs, Matthias Schäfer
Category Aviation
Location Kaiserslautern, Germany

SeRo Systems has developed an integrity monitoring system for improving both safety and security of ADS-B, aiming at providing military-grade security to civil air traffic surveillance. This is becoming particularly important as ADS-B usage is becoming mandatory throughout the world. The GRX1090 sensor developed by SeRo Systems combines the flexibility and capabilities of software-defined radios with a high-end Mode S/ADS-B sensor. It has a 600km coverage range, Hertz-precision frequency and nanosecond-precision time of arrival measurements.

Red 6
Founder Daniel Robinson, Glenn Snyder, Nick Bicanic
Category Defense
Location Santa Monica, CA

Red 6 has developed the world’s only augmented reality ecosystem that works outdoors and in high- speed, dynamic environments, with an initial focus on the in-vehicle military training market, including for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, ships, and ground vehicles. Red 6’s modular and fully scalable approach allows warfighters to train realistically against any adversary (both real or imagined), as individuals, in numbers as a single service, or in a joint capacity including the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

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