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Founder Mikhail Kokorich
Category Space
Location Santa Clara, CA

Momentus provides in-space transportation services to help spacecraft reach their final destination, allowing customers that launch from the ISS or LEO to reach higher orbits or more effective inclinations. Their propulsion system is based on a proprietary water plasma technology. It features higher thrust and higher specific impulse than comparable chemical propulsion systems (3x less propellant is needed to deliver payloads to their target orbits).

Founder Janos Opra, Michael Hollenbeck, Clinton Cathey, Robert Smith
Category Space
Location West Jordan, UT

Optisys offers highly integrated products combining RF, antenna design, mechanical design and metal 3D printing to create antennas with short lead times that are 10 times lighter and smaller than current products on the market.

Optisys is developing fully automated design and manufacturing of antennas through AI software that designs antennas within one week using a proprietary antenna software library.

Founder Etienne de Verdelhan, Valéry Méary, Agnès Debains
Category Aviation
Location Paris, France

Marketplace connecting travellers to duty-free retailers and travel-related service providers. Customers can browse and securely purchase products on their personal device using inflight

Wi-Fi, even with minimal satellite bandwidth.  Airfree removes the need for having products onboard and can be easily integrated with the systems of retailers, thus allowing for selling a wider range of products than classic inflight retail.

Founder Maxime Rey, Alice Memang
Category Defense
Location Mérignac, France

Delfox combines symbolic AI and reinforcement learning to obtain non-deterministic systems for mobile and autonomous systems (drones, road vehicles etc.), industrial systems (robotic arms, production chains etc.), and virtual training systems/simulation environments. Delfox is developing AI algorithms for trajectory analysis & prediction and flying object identification and has created a product that can observe space from Earth, detect satellites visually or debris through their light signature and identify their trajectory from Earth with optical sensing.

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