Starburst invests in the best of the best, companies with transformative technology, a strong team, commercial application, and fast growth. Our companies are reinventing the aerospace industry and impacting the way we live.

We back technology startups developing new aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, drones, sensors, autonomy, robotics and much more.

Founder Charles Acknin, Tom Martin
Category Aviation
Location Austin, TX

Skyways is building autonomous cargo drones to make deliveries in remote areas at one tenth the cost of traditional manned helicopters. Skyways is targeting the defense & energy markets to both sell vehicles and operate as a transportation-as-a-service provider.

SeRo Systems
Founder Markus Fuchs, Matthias Schäfer
Category Aviation
Location Kaiserslautern, Germany

SeRo Systems has developed an integrity monitoring system for improving both safety and security of ADS-B, aiming at providing military-grade security to civil air traffic surveillance. This is becoming particularly important as ADS-B usage is becoming mandatory throughout the world. The GRX1090 sensor developed by SeRo Systems combines the flexibility and capabilities of software-defined radios with a high-end Mode S/ADS-B sensor. It has a 600km coverage range, Hertz-precision frequency and nanosecond-precision time of arrival measurements.

Whitefox Defense Technologies
Founder Luke Fox
Category Defense
Location San Luis Obispo, CA

WhiteFox produces drone detection and mitigation products to protect infrastructure, defense, public use areas, and homeland security sectors. WhiteFox verifies the identity of friendly, reckless, or malicious drones and manages drone fleets in real time. Their mobile & stationary solutions allow users to land or reroute targeted threats by automatically taking control of the drone & locking the original pilot out.

Founder Matthew Clausen, Charles Goddard
Category Enabling technologies
Location Pasadena, CA

Clarvoyant develops a computer model visualization platform based on holographic reality augmentation. The system can be used for any kind of computer-aided engineering model, allowing full-size holographic model replication with detailed technical insights. Clarvoyant can also be used to implement VR on websites for e-commerce applications.

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