Starburst invests in the best of the best, companies with transformative technology, a strong team, commercial application, and fast growth. Our companies are reinventing the aerospace industry and impacting the way we live.

We back technology startups developing new aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, drones, sensors, autonomy, robotics and much more.

Founder Mikhail Kokorich
Category Space
Location Santa Clara, CA

Momentus provides in-space transportation services to help spacecraft reach their final destination, allowing customers that launch from the ISS or LEO to reach higher orbits or more effective inclinations. Their propulsion system is based on a proprietary water plasma technology. It features higher thrust and higher specific impulse than comparable chemical propulsion systems (3x less propellant is needed to deliver payloads to their target orbits).

Founder Alex Gounares
Category Enabling technologies
Location Bellevue, WA

Polyverse is a Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology that works for memory-based attacks on Linux or Windows systems, mitigating control injections that are used to change process flows and execute different code.

Deepwave Digital
Founder John Ferguson
Category Enabling technologies
Location Philadelphia, PA

Deepwave has developed the Artificial Intelligence Radio Transceiver (AIR-T), a software defined radio with three signal processors including an embedded NVIDIA GPU, a field programmable gate array (FPGA), and dual embedded CPUs. The incorporation of a GPU in the RF system allows for wideband processing of deep learning in a deployed environment.

Orbital Sidekick
Founder Dan Katz, Tushar Prabhakar
Category Space
Location San Leandro, CA

Orbital Sidekick uses unique space-based hyperspectral imaging and analysis to prevent oil & gas leaks through early detection and monitoring. OSK’s analytics platform converts hyperspectral data into actionable information for optimizing safety while also achieving compliance obligations. Orbital Sidekick developed the most compact hyperspectral sensor to collect hundreds of narrow contiguous color bands from visible light through infrared, providing unique chemical fingerprints for each pixel in the data set. OSK’s high-frequency sensor system has been deployed on the ISS in partnership with the US Air Force and is performing monitoring for the energy and defense sectors.

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