Starburst invests in the best of the best, companies with transformative technology, a strong team, commercial application, and fast growth. Our companies are reinventing the aerospace industry and impacting the way we live.

We back technology startups developing new aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, drones, sensors, autonomy, robotics and much more.

Founder Valentin Brossard, Amin Elmrabti
Category Aviation
Location Grenoble, France

Pulsar, a reliable drone autopilot system that fuses various data (gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, barometer and magnetometer) for flight stabilization and automated navigation.
Pulsar Factory, a development framework to help OEMs create their own autopilot system using a set of software building blocks that can be adapted to their unique drone architecture with them maintaining sole intellectual property while keeping most of certification credits.

Founder Valery Miftakhov
Category Aviation
Location Hollister, CA

ZeroAvia develops a hydrogen-electric aircraft propulsion system that is zero-emission and slashes operational costs common to traditional combustion engines by reducing fuel expenses and costly maintenance. ZeroAvia converts clean hydrogen produced through electrolysis and renewable energy to electricity using best-in-class fuel cells.

Crypta Labs
Founder Joe Luong
Category Enabling technologies
Location London, UK

Crypta Labs has developed a suite of Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) capable of solving a variety of randomness requirements including latency reduction, anti vibration, temperature fluctuation and radiation. Crypta’s latest patent can generate Quantum Enhanced RNG in excess of 1TB bps. The 1TB QRNG patent was designed to seed encryption for QKD in quantum satellite communications.

Founder Kevin Noertker, Cory Combs
Category Aviation
Location Los Angeles, CA

Ampaire is developing a high performance zero-emission aircraft designed to improve efficiency and reduce aviation’s impact on climate change. Ampaire’s custom propulsion system is scalable to planes of various sizes and is powered by lightweight, swappable battery packs.

The Ampaire jet will be used in scheduled, on-demand & business jet operations. Ampaire early focus is on retrofitting its technology on existing aircrafts allowing customers to upgrade their current fleet and minimize their expenses. The retrofits will be used by short-hop flight operators around the world offering a cost-effective and environmentally effective solution.

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