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Prime Lightworks
Founder Kyle Flanagan
Category Propellant-less electric propulsion for satellites
Location Culver City, CA

Prime Lightworks is developing a RF resonant cavity thruster for satellite propulsion that could replace satellite propellant mass and conventional satellite propulsion systems. Prime Lightworks fully electric propulsion systems would increase satellite payload mass and orbital velocities, while lowering fuel emissions and launch costs to orbit. Satellites’ lifetime would be increased by making it only limited by their components failure, and not anymore by propellant capacity.

Paladin AI
Founder Adolfo Klassen, Mikhail Klassen
Category Data-driven adaptive pilot training using AI
Location Montreal, Canada

Paladin AI uses artificial intelligence to develop competency-based training systems for aviation. Their cloud-hosted analytics platform, InstructIQTM, allows training providers to access
insights into their trainee’s development and increase the effectiveness of their curricula. Paladin AI integrates with existing training devices (flight simulators) to combine millions of data points and use machine learning algorithms to extract competency metrics, predict future trainee aptitudes, and optimize training delivery.

Founder Mikhail Golubev, Fedor Antonov
Location Esch-sur-alzette, Luxembourg
Founder Kim Taylor
Category Aerospace engineering
Location Los Angeles, CA

The Cluster platform allows users to build a personalized employee profile that prioritizes skill verification rather than resumes and cover letters. After employees set their work preferences,
Cluster presents their profile directly to the hiring team that best matches the candidate. Cluster is a marketplace for matching Industry 4.0 skills to jobs and training at aviation, aerospace, defense and automotive companies.

Founder Valery Miftakhov
Category Aviation
Location Hollister, CA

ZeroAvia develops a hydrogen-electric aircraft propulsion system that is zero-emission and slashes operational costs common to traditional combustion engines by reducing fuel expenses and costly maintenance. ZeroAvia converts clean hydrogen produced through electrolysis and renewable energy to electricity using best-in-class fuel cells.

Block Aero
Founder Todd Siena, Adam Siena
Category Aviation
Location Hong Kong

Block Aero develops a platform for digitizing aviation assets using blockchain technology. The platform features AI-based automatic classification of documents, allowing for extracting relevant information and recreating history and current status of given assets.

Founder Charles Acknin, Tom Martin
Category Aviation
Location Austin, TX

Skyways is building autonomous cargo drones to make deliveries in remote areas at one tenth the cost of traditional manned helicopters. Skyways is targeting the defense & energy markets to both sell vehicles and operate as a transportation-as-a-service provider.

Founder Alex Gounares
Category Enabling technologies
Location Bellevue, WA

Polyverse is a Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology that works for memory-based attacks on Linux or Windows systems, mitigating control injections that are used to change process flows and execute different code.

Deepwave Digital
Founder John Ferguson
Category Enabling technologies
Location Philadelphia, PA

Deepwave has developed the Artificial Intelligence Radio Transceiver (AIR-T), a software defined radio with three signal processors including an embedded NVIDIA GPU, a field programmable gate array (FPGA), and dual embedded CPUs. The incorporation of a GPU in the RF system allows for wideband processing of deep learning in a deployed environment.

Founder Jeremy Goodwin
Category Enabling technologies
Location San Leandro, CA

SyncFab has developed a subscription-based blockchain procurement platform that connects OEM Part Buyers with Distributed Parts Manufacturers to securely share part information and avoid recalls by identifying defects in the supply chain, as well as improve inventory management. SyncFab uses ERC721 tokenization to securely store part manufacturing details on the blockchain and record every transaction across a supply chain in a single, shared audit trail for traceability, as well as QMS, ISO, AS9100, ITAR and DFARS compliance.

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