Starburst invests in the best of the best, companies with transformative technology, a strong team, commercial application, and fast growth. Our companies are reinventing the aerospace industry and impacting the way we live.

Our portfolio is made up of a diverse mix of more than 140 startup companies from 20+ accelerator programs. We back technology startups developing new sustainable aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, drones, sensors, autonomy, robotics, climate technology, space health-technology, and much more.

Founder Kevin Noertker, Cory Combs
Category Aviation
Location Los Angeles, CA

Ampaire is developing a high performance zero-emission aircraft designed to improve efficiency and reduce aviation’s impact on climate change. Ampaire’s custom propulsion system is scalable to planes of various sizes and is powered by lightweight, swappable battery packs.

The Ampaire jet will be used in scheduled, on-demand & business jet operations. Ampaire early focus is on retrofitting its technology on existing aircrafts allowing customers to upgrade their current fleet and minimize their expenses. The retrofits will be used by short-hop flight operators around the world offering a cost-effective and environmentally effective solution.

Red 6
Founder Daniel Robinson, Glenn Snyder, Nick Bicanic
Category Defense
Location Santa Monica, CA

Red 6 has developed the world’s only augmented reality ecosystem that works outdoors and in high- speed, dynamic environments, with an initial focus on the in-vehicle military training market, including for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, ships, and ground vehicles. Red 6’s modular and fully scalable approach allows warfighters to train realistically against any adversary (both real or imagined), as individuals, in numbers as a single service, or in a joint capacity including the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

Whitefox Defense Technologies
Founder Luke Fox
Category Defense
Location San Luis Obispo, CA

WhiteFox produces drone detection and mitigation products to protect infrastructure, defense, public use areas, and homeland security sectors. WhiteFox verifies the identity of friendly, reckless, or malicious drones and manages drone fleets in real time. Their mobile & stationary solutions allow users to land or reroute targeted threats by automatically taking control of the drone & locking the original pilot out.

Deepwave Digital
Founder John Ferguson
Category Enabling technologies
Location Philadelphia, PA

Deepwave has developed the Artificial Intelligence Radio Transceiver (AIR-T), a software defined radio with three signal processors including an embedded NVIDIA GPU, a field programmable gate array (FPGA), and dual embedded CPUs. The incorporation of a GPU in the RF system allows for wideband processing of deep learning in a deployed environment.

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