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Veracity Protocol
Founder Jeremy Atkins
Category Cybersecurity
Location New York, NY

Veracity enables any camera to create a tamper proof physical code based on an object’s material structure. Veracity Protocol can be used to ensure a transparent supply chain in aerospace and defense manufacturing and detect compromised hardware, in a cost and time effective way.

Helping Veracity find corporate partners that specialize in graphics processing for a myriad of applications.


Mentoring Veracity on go to market in the aerospace industry by identifying use cases and supply chain issues Veracity can solve (such as critical electronics & hardware).

Founder Saaketh Kanikicharla, Saad Mirza
Category Defense
Location San Francisco, CA

Ravyn develops precision munition based on a 2-stage architecture. Ravyn boasts increased range over existing MLRS rockets (over 10x to 700 km) and reduced development and production cost, thanks to reduced system diameter and mass as well as reduced warhead size and the possibility to carry more rockets per pod.

Founder Arnaud Peltier, Marc Olivas
Location Orsay, France

WinMS develops diagnostic tools for monitoring and troubleshooting complex wired infrastructures. The system reduces downtime and diagnostic errors while improving maintenance productivity by 5x.

WinMS modules use multi carrier time domain reflectometry (MCTDR) to locate permanent or intermittent electrical faults on all cables including live wires. Their module includes a connection kit that fits to any cable in any aircraft and connects wirelessly to a tablet for immediate diagnostics.

Founder Max Haot
Category Space
Location Brooklyn, NY

Launcher is developing a high-performance small satellite launcher with a metal 3D printed engine. Due to Launcher’s additive manufacturing methods, the engine has the largest thrust and lowest cost per pound of thrust in the small satellite launcher class, giving customers the flexibility to dictate scheduling and orbit at a low cost.

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