With unique insights into industry needs, new technology research, startup development, and the global market, Starburst clients have the edge in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Product-Market Fit Analysis

Market requirements analysis: We can help thoroughly review and update your organization’s product or service value proposition based on industry standards.

Go-To-Market Strategy Definition

Every team’s roadmap is different, we can work with you to size and model the relevant markets, both domestically and internationally, to create the most strategic go-to-market plan possible.

Commercial Due Diligence

Thoroughly analyzing an acquisition target is critical, both on the buy-side and sell-side. We can help investigate their strategic positioning, market dynamics, competitive landscape, risks (incl. technological disruptions), and potential synergies.

Organization Redesign

We’ll work with you to help re-structure your organization, everything from processes, to governance, and tools definition for the most efficient and effective management of innovation.

Creativity Sessions and Hackathons

Foster creativity through preparation and moderation of design thinking sessions & sprints.

State-Of-The-Art Technology Assessment

Custom technology scouting to match a specific problem statement

Learning Expeditions

Visit our network of more than 9,000 aerospace and defense startups around the globe

“Test and learn” Programs

We’ll help facilitate full-scale demonstrations to validate the potential of a given product.

Capitalize on technological innovation and insights

Partnering with Starburst is the fastest way to get strategic and financial rewards from new business models, emerging technologies and disruptive innovation.

Select Corporate & Government Partners

Corporate & Government partners support innovation through mentorship, investment, and business ventures.

Dedicated to aerospace

since 2012

Starburst has developed an extensive toolbox, continuously enriched by new projects, innovation insights, and industry investment.

Starburst is an innovation catalyst in the aerospace industry.

Starburst is the first and only global aerospace accelerator, connecting industry and government with startups while providing strategic innovation and growth consulting for all.

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“The Starburst Accelerator Program connected Red 6 with invaluable mentors who were readily available to advise on everything from recruitment & HR to fundraising Red 6 benefitted from multiple opportunities to showcase and network at events in the US and France.”
Daniel Robinson
Founder & CEO
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