With the latest industry insights, market research, cutting edge technology, startup development and global coverage, only Starburst delivers: You can’t afford to fall behind in this increasingly competitive landscape.

Tackle critical challenges and gain actionable insights for tech development, market strategy, investment and acquisition ventures with Starburst’s airport strategy consulting services. Let our 100+ years of industry expertise keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging industry trends.

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Product-Market Fit Analysis

We’ll provide a comprehensive analysis of your value proposition and optimize based on the latest industry standards.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Together we can size and model relevant global markets to create the most tailored, go-to-market plan possible.

Commercial Due Diligence

We’ll investigate strategic positioning, market dynamics, competitive landscape, tech disruptions, potential synergies, and more.

Organization Structure Redesign

We’ll work with you to restructure everything from processes to governance, and tools for the most efficient, effective organization management methods.

Business Plan & Development

Together we can identify key success drivers, performance measurement systems and organizational culture assessments.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

We’ll conduct an analysis so you know exactly where you stand in market share, price points, and quality of products/services offered.


Starburst has developed an extensive toolbox, continuously enriched by new projects across the ecosystem, including exclusive airport tech insights and industry investments.

Capitalize on global infrastructure and market opportunity driven by the technology being developed for space commercialization, future travel, edge communication, passenger experience, and more.

Developing disruptive new products within an established market is difficult, expensive, and seldom proven in advance, so how do you stay ahead?

Starburst’s airport strategy consulting is the fastest way to financial rewards from new business models, emerging technologies and disruptive innovation.


Select Corporate & Government Partners

Corporate & Government partners support innovation through mentorship, investment, and business ventures.

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Our corporate and government partners support airport innovation through mentorship, investment, and business ventures.

Since inception, we’ve been committed to positioning ourselves not just as a venture investor, but also as an innovation catalyst at the center of the ecosystem.

What originally started as a matchmaker for multinational corporations and government innovation stakeholders has blossomed into an ever-growing international airport strategy consulting practice.

Put your trust in Starburst and stay at the forefront of innovation without the cost and risk of internal R&D efforts. Partner with us to co-create and implement the latest technologies and solutions from the next generation of airport companies.



  • What is the role of an airport strategy consultant?
  • Airport strategy consultants are industry experts and use their knowledge to help their clients achieve specific goals, for specific projects or may be retained long-term for ongoing support and guidance. Whatever their specific mandate, airport strategy consultants help develop and implement strategies to improve airport operations, achieve financial goals, and also play a vital role in ensuring that airports are safe, efficient, and effective in meeting the needs of the public.
  • What do airport strategy consulting companies do?
  • Businesses looking to expand, lower costs, develop new products, or enter new markets rely on airport strategy consulting companies for assistance to develop coherent plans of action. Airport strategy consulting companies assist clients in handling complex situations in today’s highly competitive aerospace industry that requires constant innovation to succeed.
  • How do I start a business in the airport industry?
  • The airport industry is highly complex and volatile, with companies competing for funding to help them develop new, innovative technologies. Seeing as the stakes are high for both businesses and governments, every step of the way must be planned out strategically.

    That’s where we come in: Starburst is an airport strategy consulting firm that can help you focus on what matters most: your business goals.

  • How do I become an airport strategy consultant?
  • Here are 5 things you’ll need to have become an airport strategy consultant:

    1. Bachelor’s degree in aviation management or airport management.
    2. 5+ years experience as a strategy consultant.
    3. Detailed knowledge of industry trends and market behavior.
    4. Excellent project management skills.
    5. Deep understanding of business strategy and management frameworks.

  • What is the future of airport consulting?
  • The future of airport strategy consulting is here: As the airport industry faces new challenges, and as technology gets more vital and ubiquitous; businesses must be flexible and ready to adapt.

    Airport consulting gives businesses the ability to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging trends in the industry. Starburst’s strategy consulting can help you stay ahead when it comes to these trends and transform the way your company moves forward.

  • Is strategy consulting a good career?
  • Strategy consulting is becoming a very well-known industry that helps a variety of businesses and organizations go through the process of discovering who they are, where they want to go, how they will get there and how they measure success.
  • What is the best airport strategy consulting firm in Los Angeles?
  • Starburst is the first and only global aerospace and airport strategy consulting firmr, connecting startups with corporates, investors and government, providing growth and investment opportunities for all. With offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, London, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Montreal, Madrid, Seoul and Singapore, we’ve built an ecosystem of key players with 9,000+ startups in our global network.
Space ship on orbit of Earth planet. Expedition of cargo spacecraft to ISS. Deep space and cities lights. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
“The Starburst Accelerator Program connected Red 6 with invaluable mentors who were readily available to advise on everything from recruitment & HR to fundraising Red 6 benefitted from multiple opportunities to showcase and network at events in the US and France.”
Daniel Robinson
Founder & CEO
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