Promethee joins the Starburst Accelerator



On the occasion of Eurosatory, the defense and security global event, François Chopard, Founder & Ceo of Starburst Aerospace and Olivier Piepsz, President of Promethee signed their new collaboration through the Starburst Accelerator support.


A short transcript of their discussion:
“We are really proud to join Starburst’s universe, which is the largest accelerator for startups in aerospace.” said Olivier Piepsz, President of Promethee. 


“We are very happy to welcome Promethee into our ecosystem. Our accelerator is a 12 month program fully international. Promethee was selected for two reasons. First the great team as we are very people-driven. We invest in teams we believe have the potential to execute on their vision and we’ll support them in delivering that vision.
Secondly, the industry, earth observation (EO) constellations are critical, especially with the current geopolitical context. Collecting image intelligence is at the core of our defense, protection and peace. That’s what we want to support.
We like the duality of hardware constellations, the ability to duplicate this constellation in many other countries and areas as well as software, the IA, and all the data intelligence around these images.” continued Francois Chopard, founder and CEO of Starburst. 


All the team is very proud of this collaboration. We want to become a major EO constellation operator in Europe.
Starburst has an incredible position connecting the dots between key public players, armed forces, private players, and the dual aspect of space. For us it’s a great opportunity to expand our network. Furthermore, Starburst has a global coverage with presence in the United States, Europe, Singapore, etc.. It’s very important for us to develop our company internationally.” added Olivier Piepsz.


“We’ve already invested in Orbital Sidekick in San Francisco developing hyperspectral imagery solutions in the US, we just invested in an Isreali payload optical company. We know what we are talking about. We are confident that what Olivier is building is quite unique and complementary to what we already invested in.
We have set up a Ventures fund in the US. We are building one in Europe. We want to raise that quickly to invest in amazing startups like Promethee”. concludes François Chopard. 


About Prométhée:

Promethee, New Space operator of nanosatellites constellation for Earth observation, is involved in defense, security and sustainable development goals.
Prométhée was founded in January 2020 and is positioned as a federation of the entire French New Space sector, responding to the challenges of governance, sustainable development, and crisis management by providing environmental and strategic Intelligence services

Fueled by high-resolution images from a constellation unique in Europe, combining high revisit and hyperreactivity, Promethee EIOS (Earth Intelligence Operating System) platform offers a broad range of turnkey geospatial services for dual applications. Crisis management is nowadays a necessity due to the highly evolving nature of the challenges and threats we face.


Promethee’s agile solution allows to:

  • Observe all over the world;
  • Detect weak signals;
  • Characterize and evaluate the nature and the extend of situations;
  • Decide and plan with the right answers.