Starburst France is Proud to Host the Meet-Up Atechna in Paris

Starburst France is proud to host the Meet-Up Atechna, the first meet-up dedicated to highlighting women entrepreneurs, leaders, and researchers in the sector in front of an audience of investors and industry professionals.


The Meet-Up, organized in partnership with the French Tech and with the support of the CNES (French Space Agency), will take place on March 22, 2023 at Station F in Paris, France.


This Meet-Up  aims to give visibility to the projects of women entrepreneurs and researchers in the aerospace & defense ecosystem, which still faces a significant gender disparity.


Some key figures demonstrating this inequality:

  • There are no women among the CEOs of the Next40 and only seven in the FT120
  • Startups that are founded by women have access to 2.5 times less funding on average
  • Only 28% of the student population in engineering schools and only 15% in aerospace and tech fields are women


This event will bring together personalities from the ecosystem who will demonstrate their thought leadership and present their work through inspiring keynotes and exchanges. This talented community is working to lift the many barriers they encounter while simultaneously paving the way for future female A&D leaders.


If you are interested in participating in the Meet up Atechna as a speaker, please apply here.


If you are interested in following this event online, visit our event page.


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