Starburst hosted the ‘Demystifying the FDA’ event with MedTech Impact Partners at the Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, CA.

On November 1, 2022, Starburst hosted our ‘Demystifying the FDA’ event with MedTech Impact Partners at the beautiful Expert Dojo in the heart of Santa Monica, CA.


We were thrilled to have Kwame Ulmer, Managing Partner at MedTech Impact Partners, for a firesidechat on the FDA Process with Dina Lozofsky (Senior Director of Business Development at UCLA Technology Development Group). The thoughtful conversation dived into the ins and outs of the approval process as Ulmer utilized his 10+ years of experience as an FDA Director to offer advice for startups on the smart approach to navigating the FDA journey.


Elizabeth Reynolds (Starburst Aerospace USA) moderated a terrific investment panel on “Investing in the Current Medtech Landscape” featuring Monica Jain, M.D. (Venture Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health) and Felicia Hsu, M.D. (Investor at BOLD Capital Partners).


Jain and Hsu shed light on global developments and trends that have changed the R&D and investment landscape for medtech, the advantages unlocked by data collection as well as the limitations, advice do you have for those looking to raise venturecapital today, the intersection of space and biology, and more.


The local medtech and space health stakeholders including active medtech investors, space health startup founders, and players in attendance built a diverse ecosystem where we shared valuable opinions on the how the FDA, medtech, and biology meet the future of humanity in space.


Watch the event here: