Starburst Aerospace Showcases Next-Generation Startup Solutions to Reach Net-Zero Emissions Targets at Future Mobility Hub alongside COP28

As a Founding Partner of The Future Mobility Hub (FMH) alongside COP28 UAE, Starburst Aerospace is spotlighting next-generation startups who are building emerging solutions to reach net-zero emissions targets during the “Starburst Aerospace Startup Showcase”.


COP28 UAE in December 2023 will be a milestone moment for global climate action when the world will come together to ensure a clear plan of action. As mandated by the Paris Climate Agreement, COP28 will deliver the first ever Global Stocktake–a comprehensive evaluation of progress against climate goals.


As a leader in today’s global aerospace innovation ecosystem, Starburst Aerospace is proud to be a Founding Partner of the Future Mobility Hub (FMH) alongside COP28 in Dubai, a premiere space to converge pioneering minds, ideas, and innovations centered around the future of sustainable mobility, transportation, and the just energy transition.


With dedicated programming that is aligned with the COP28 official Green Zone agenda, including an array of keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, panels, fireside chats, startup pitches, and networking opportunities, the FMH will be open from December 3 through December 10, 2023.


Along with a dynamic lineup of content incorporating key leaders, founders, and decision-makers from their robust community, Starburst is organizing a startup showcase at the Future Mobility Hub to spotlight next-generation companies that they work with who are building emerging solutions to reach net-zero emissions targets.


The Startup Showcase at Future Mobility Hub


From 2:00 – 3:00 pm GST on Energy & Industry Day (Tuesday, December 5, 2023), the startup showcase will highlight a group of four global aerospace and climate-tech startups, including several from the Starburst portfolio that have previously participated in Starburst accelerator programs, who are designing technologies, products, and solutions to build a smarter, cleaner, and more interconnected planet.


The startup founders will pitch their innovations to a room of investors and decision-makers to demonstrate the future that the integration of these technologies and products can enable.


Startups are constantly accelerating the pace of innovation by pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible and plausible. At such a critical point in time–a moment where climate change has become a global emergency that transcends national borders and necessitates action from humanity as a collective–it’s important that startup players are in the room to help lead the conversation and offer their crucial perspective.


The presenting companies are Blue Eye Soft, Clrobur Studio, Hydrosat, and Minim Zero.


Based in Greer, South Carolina, Blue Eye Soft is generating AI models that predict satellite anomalies due to space weather events. Led by Srikanth Kodeboyina (Founder & CEO) and Rick Tillery (CSO), the Blue Eye Soft team is working to construct a mature Space Anomaly Forensics & Environment Resolution (SAFER™), a platform that predicts potential satellite anomalies (based on historic space weather data in its initial versions and real-time space weather events in its later versions). Blue Eye Soft previously participated in Cohort 3 of SCALE, Starburst’s SoCal-based aerospace-focused accelerator program in partnership with UCLA. Learn more about Blue Eye Soft at

  • Srikanth Kodeboyina (Founder & CEO) will pitch on behalf of Blue Eye Soft at The Future Mobility Hub.


Headquartered in Incheon, South Korea, CLROBUR Studio offers Droneway(S) as a Platform (Daap), building a future drone service to simultaneously control and monitor droneways for multiple heterogeneous drones’ autonomous flight. Led by Taein Choi (CEO), their web-based intelligent 4D ground control platform can support the autonomous operation of multiple heterogeneous drones, helping enable a future with the skies crowded with various unmanned vehicles. CLROBUR actively works with the Starburst Korea team. Learn more about CLROBUR at

  • Jason Huh (Aviation Business Manager) will pitch on behalf of CLROBUR at The Future Mobility Hub.


Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Hydrosat is a geospatial data analytics company that uses infrared imagery to provide daily, high resolution intelligence for food security, public safety, and the environment. Led by Pieter Fossel (CEO & Co-Founder) and Royce Dalby (President & Co-Founder), their thermal data significantly improves on existing visual data use cases as well as enables new ones, including irrigation optimization, wildfire and drought prediction, disease vector mapping, ecosystem monitoring, land cover classification, water resource management, and urban heat mapping. Hydrosat previously participated in Cohort 1 of a past accelerator program operated by Starburst and TechStars. Learn more about Hydrosat at

  • Pieter Fossel (CEO & Co-Founder) will pitch on behalf of Hydrosat at The Future Mobility Hub.


Located in Seattle, Washington, Minim Zero‘s mission is to be the lightest, energy-efficient anti-icing and de-icing technology on airplanes while having a multi-generational impact. Led by Peter Chee (CEO & Co-Founder), Kalen Pilkington (Co-Founder), and Chris Lundberg (Chief Material Scientist), Minim Zero’s patented electro-thermal anti-icing application design and nano-coating weigh 300 pounds less than traditional 80-year-old anti-icing systems and melts ice at polar vortex temperatures in under 3 minutes. Minim Zero previously participated in Cohort 5 of SCALE, Starburst’s SoCal-based aerospace-focused accelerator program in partnership with UCLA. Learn more about Minim Zero at

  • Peter Chee (CEO & Co-Founder) will pitch on behalf of Minim Zero at The Future Mobility Hub.


Starburst Aerospace’s Managing Director Elizabeth Reynolds, the driving force behind Starburst’s US business, will kick off the showcase with an introduction into Starburst’s mission of building innovation ecosystems for aerospace and defense entrepreneurs who are tackling some of the world’s most complex problems.


Following the showcase, Starburst is also hosting an investor panel discussion on “Venture Capital in Climate and Sustainability”. The conversation will feature expert venture capital investors who have successfully navigated this landscape, offering insights into current trends and promising sectors in sustainable venture capital, challenges faced by investors and startups in this space, success stories of startups driving sustainability, and the role of venture capital in advancing sustainable solutions.


  • Brian Wayne, Co-Founder & Director, Aegon Climate Capital
  • Taj Eldridge, Managing Director – Climate Innovations, Jobs for the Future (JFF); General Partner & Co-Founder, Include Ventures
  • Luca Zerbini, Founding Partner & CEO, Una Terra
  • Sebastian Heitmann, Co-Founder, Extantia Capital
  • Emmanuel DeSousa, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Princeville Capital
  • Moderated by Raychel Espiritu, Marketing Operations Director, Starburst Aerospace


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About The Future Mobility Hub at COP28

Citizens Companies pledged to establish 60 Supercool Mobility Centers worldwide by 2030, and is debuting a new Supercool Mobility Center in Dubai alongside COP28. Located at the newly launched Dubai Supercool Mobility Center (at Uptown Tower, 10th Floor, Dubai, UAE), the Future Mobility Hub is poised to become a pivotal gathering place outside of the official Blue and Green Zones, bringing together global business leaders, industry organizations, government and non-government officials, investors, innovators, and thought-leaders to ignite collaborative solutions, drive critical discussion, inform policy decisions, facilitate exchange of ideas, and build new cross-industry partnerships. The FMH is brought to you by Supercool Dubai and Founding Partners, Formula E, Hub Culture, The Female Quotient, United Nations Global Compact Brazil, E1 Series, Extreme E, Hedera, Starburst Aerospace, and FutureOf.