Startup portfolio | Canopy Aerospace

Canopy Aerospace was selected to participate in our selection committee in Los Angeles on March 10, 2022. They are now part of our Accelerator.


  • Based in Chicago, IL, USA
  • Founded in 2021
  • Number of employees : 6-10


Who are they?
Canopy Aerospace is a start-up that is building a software-defined Thermal Protection Factory to manufacture Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for space and hypersonic flight vehicles.


What are they doing?
Using patent-pending 3D-printing and vertically-integrated designs, Canopy Aerospace will provide development, prototyping, and production of mission-ready composites.
Canopy manufactures composites capable for leading wing edges, flight control surfaces, and sharp blunt surfaces that are exposed to the highest temperatures of sustained hypersonic flight.


Why do they want to join the Starburst Accelerator?
“Starburst is an amazing opportunity because it has gone through a number of companies and we are very lucky to be one of the ones that they think is interesting so it is great to be here”.


Watch the full video from the Canopy team HERE.


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