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New concept designs & future travel: hypersonic & supersonic aircraft, eVTOL, drones/UAV, electric flight, autonomy


Future innovation: energy generation & storage, new fuels, manufacturing, nanotechnology, man-machine teaming, digital twins


Global advancement: Industry 4.0, new materials, additive manufacturing, quantum computing, AR, AI/ML


Space to cyberspace: resilient/mesh networks, interoperability, edge computing, cybersecurity, sensors, IoT


New economy: satellites, launchers, navigation, communication, surveillance & reconnaissance, data processing & application


Our global team of industry veterans, entrepreneurs and engineers know space innovation. Our startups are vetted for technological capability, value proposition, market traction, viability, and more.

Space investing can be complicated: technology is cutting edge; government needs are classified; and the industry is historically insular.

We make space investing easy: Invest securely, and with peace of mind with our proven, industry backed space expertise.

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Despite its infancy, the commercial space industry has experienced rapid change due to–climate change; the government’s connectivity with innovators; and even startups are making an impact.

New space technologies are constantly emerging, continuously having significant and positive impact on quality of life and economic growth.

Starburst invests in the top transformative tech startups with strong teams, commercial applications, and accelerated growth, who are developing new aircraft, satellites, drones, sensors, autonomy, robotics and much more.

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Space ship on orbit of Earth planet. Expedition of cargo spacecraft to ISS. Deep space and cities lights. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.


  • Is space a good investment?
  • Yes, space is a good investment for many reasons, but chief among them is that space is a finite resource, meaning that as population growth and economic development continue, the demand for it will only increase.

    A few things to keep in mind if you’re considering space investing, include but aren’t limited to:

    1. New discoveries. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s out there. There’s a good chance that future space exploration will lead to breakthroughs that we can’t even imagine right now.
    2. Economic benefits. Space exploration can positively impact the economy–both in terms of job creation and technological advances.
    3.Environmental benefits. Space exploration can help us better understand and protect our environment, both on Earth and beyond.

  • What is the future of space investing?
  • There is no doubt that space investing is on the rise. The future of space investing is very exciting and looks very promising; With the increasing interest from the public and private sectors, it is likely that we will see even more growth in the industry. Private companies are already making significant investments in space infrastructure and capabilities, and the trend is likely to continue.

    We are on the cusp of a new era of space exploration and exploitation, and there are many opportunities for investors to get involved. With the right investment, space could become a very lucrative industry. Space commercialization is proceeding at an accelerating pace; as more companies become involved in space activities, it creates a growing market for space products and services; and as the technological capabilities of space systems are increasing rapidly, it opens up new possibilities for commercial applications.

  • Is the space industry profitable?
  • The space industry plays an important role in contributing to economic growth as the technology constantly being developed has wide-ranging applications across many other sectors, making it a key driver of innovation. The space industry also offers high paying salary jobs compared to other industries, and also allows you to learn, grow, and develop your skills, all while doing something you love.
  • What is the best aerospace venture capital fund in Los Angeles?
  • Starburst is the first and only global space accelerator and focused venture capital fund. We provide space funding opportunities and find the right investor match for you, your idea and your startup. We help space startups scale their business with access to the largest group of corporate stakeholders to help win their first $1M+ contract.
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